So You Want To Be A Marriage Disciple?

Come and join an army of couples that are making a difference in the lives and marriages of other couples. Working to make our Church and society stronger one marriage at a time.


Marriage Disciples are trained volunteer couples who accompany married couples who are struggling into a deeper understanding and living of the fullness God intended for marriage. This mentoring model was developed by Greg and Julie Alexander, who have themselves mentored over 4,000 couples. The Marriage Disciples process focuses on what the Alexanders call the six “Essential Elements for a Strong Catholic Marriage.” Marriage Disciples share their own stories and experiences, along with the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage, in order to impart to mentoree couples, the practical tools needed to better understand and live out the sacrament of marriage. Marriage Discipling is not professional counseling nor is it a comprehensive approach to issues or problems facing various married couples, including psychological or mental health struggles, anger issues, addictions, family of origin wounds, etc. Some couples may need additional professional help beyond the scope of this mentoring ministry.


  • Must be in a valid and sacramental marriage, preferably for at least seven years
  • Must be in good standing with the Catholic Church and actively practicing your faith
  • Must provide a letter of recommendation from their parish pastor or his delegate
  • Must uphold the Church’s teachings on marriage, family life, and sexuality
  • Must have good relational (inter-personal) skills
  • Must complete a discernment application 
  • Must participate in an interview 


  • in setting and achieving their personal goals for their marriage
  • obtain a Christian vision for their marriage
  • learn realistic and practical tools to build and strengthen their marriage
  • view problems as opportunities to serve their spouse
  • communicate effectively and manage conflict
  • overcome hurdles that make them incapable of “moving forward” towards healing
  • build or restore trust
  • renew appreciation and affection
  • release and heal old baggage
  • learn to forgive as God forgives, and
  • build and maintain a strong foundation for marriage.


Being a Marriage Disciple is not a job, but you are investing your lives in the couples that you will serve. With this in mind, we ask that applicants make an initial month long commitment to The Alexander House Apostolate. We also ask our Marriage Disciples to take an Oath of Fidelity to the Catholic Church, indicating their desire and intention to always speak and teach in accord with what the Church proclaims.

We Are Interested Being Marriage Disciples

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