The Marriage Disciples Process

What You Will Receive

The Marriage Disciples' process is jam-packed with great learning, fun, and inspiration. Couples reconnect with each other, grow closer through prayer, and improve communication as they learn God's plan for marriage. Your assigned Marriage Disciples will address such topics as improving communication, healing and forgiveness and living a Christ-centered marriage. Whether your marriage is fantastic or faltering, you will gain a renewed sense of hope and purpose for your marriage.

Intro Meeting - Getting to Know You

This first session will consist of introductions so you and your Marriage Disciples can get to know each other.  You will also discuss your intake form, which will set the tone for your subsequent sessions.

Session 1 - God's Plan for Marriage

Most of us have grown up experiencing our parent's marriage, and we might have witnessed other marriages as well.  However, there are many times when we are never introduced to the fullness of what God desires for us in our marriage.  This module teaches you God's plan, purpose and goal of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Session 2 - Forgiveness & Healing

It is difficult to move forward in your marriage when you carry so many hurts from the past.  This session will help you open up to God's grace, so that you can begin to experience the forgiveness that will allow the healing to take place in your marriage.  This is done with a beautiful exercise that the Alexanders created, aptly called - Forgiveness and Healing.

Session 3 - The Servant Spouse

God has given us each other, in marriage, as a means to experience his love. Love is defined by the dying to self as opposed to seeking the fulfillment of self. Not only will this be made evident,  but you will be shown a concrete way to live this out in your marriage.

Session 4 - Communication in Marriage

Good communication is needed in any relationship; especially marriage.  Poor communication skills can literally "kill" a marriage by killing the spirit of your spouse.  Learn how to have good and effective communication in your relationship.

Session 5 - God's Plan for Chastity

We have been misled by the world as to what sex and sexuality is all about.  Just the mere fact that it was created for marriage alone is a surprise for many.  Here you will learn the "whys" of the "whats" of the Church's teaching in this area.

Session 6 - Spirituality in Marriage

In our lives, we spend so much time focusing on the physical aspects of the marriage.  Unfortunately, we don't give much consideration for the spiritual reality that exists, creating attacks which are being waged on us in our marriages everyday.  After this lesson you will know what it means to put on the "Armor of God"!

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