About Marriage Disciples

Marriage Disciples, a proud outreach of The Alexander House, was born out of the resurrection of our toxic marriage.  God, through the Holy Spirit, literally took us by the hand and guided us from the brink of divorce to redemption of our marriage.  As a result, we felt called, by Him, to not olny create an apostolate to help educate others about marriage, but to develop a process to work specifically with troubled marriages.  This blossomed into a mentor program to walk with other couples experiencing difficulties and lead them to the JOY that He intended for the Sacrament of Marriage to bring.  The Holy Spirit, truly, led us to what we now call the Marriage Disciples Process, and this process equips couples with tools to use - till death do them part.  This outreach is for those who desire, as a couple, to work on their marriage.  Also, this is not Marriage Discipling is not  counseling and should not be used in place of counseling.



The Director - Robin Zamora

We live in a society that teaches us to give up and let go when marriage gets too difficult or when the feelings fade; that maybe two people weren't meant to be married because they are no longer getting along, and that it's all about ME and what am I getting out of the marriage? This way of thinking could never build a solid foundation for a lifelong commitment and this is why so many couples, at some point in their marriage, see divorce as their only option. Through Marriage Disciples, we not only show couples that their marriage can be joy-filled, beautiful and full of love for a lifetime, but we teach them practical ways to make it happen.  George and I have served as Marriage Disciples for the past ten years and I am blessed to direct this most important outreach.


Spanish Marriage Disciples

Tomas and I became Marriage Disciples as a result of a lot of prayer and discernment after we came back together after an ugly divorce.  We received help from The Alexander House and a few years after our reconciliation we asked God to show us where He needed us.  We clearly heard His voice and He said, "The Alexander House is where I need you."  You are more equipped to help others when you have experienced a marriage crisis yourself.  We want to help couples rediscover their happiness and be fulfilled in their marriage.   We are blessed to lead the Marriage Disciples outreach that ministers to our Spanish speaking brothers and sisters. 

The Name?

What started out as Marriage Coaching is now called Marriage Disciples.  Most of us have heard at some point in our life, “…the truth shall set you free,” (John 8:32) but very few ever explain the context in which this quote was made.  It was when Christ was giving the Jews the explanation of what it meant to be his disciple if they believed in him.  In verse 31, we see exactly what he was referring to: “If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” Our Marriage Disciples are those who have come to know and live God’s plan for marriage and now through this process, they share it with others!  This service is also available in Spanish.


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